MPDC Call Box Challenge Coin

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This locket-like coin that hinges opened and closed is fraught with symbolism.
Starting with the coin front is “Metropolitan Police, Washington D.C. “Protecting the Nation’s Capital Since 1861.”

The front authentically replicates the Pulitzer-Prize winning photo by William C. Beall which shows Police officer Maurice Cullinane greeting a 2-year old parade watcher in 1957. Private Cullinane later rose to the rank of chief of police.

On the inside left is a gold Metropolitan Police shield with badge number 1861,
the year MPDC was first organized. On the inside right is a Metropolitan Police first issue shoulder patch inscribed with “Metropolitan Police” “Justitia Omnibus” and “ District of Columbia.” On the back of the coin is an image of an old police call box inscribed with “Police 1861 Telephone,” again symbolizing the year MPDC was first organized.

The coin measures 3.5 inches including hinges and is made from 3D mold all sides using seven colors of polished hard enamel.

This is one of our newest creations and a MUST-HAVE for collectors.