2019 National Peace Officers Memorial Day Commemorative Badge

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***IDEAL GIFT*** for Blue Family Survivors, Law Enforcement, retirees, and men's gifts.

***GREAT COLLECTIBLE*** This Commemorative Badge with intricate detail is a perfect addition for any collector.

***HIGH QUALITY DURABLE DESIGN*** Only the best materials are used in the crafting of this badge. This badge is forged
from premium base metals for a lasting design.

***EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP*** This unique custom badge exemplifies our determination to ensure that any badge we design, commission
and offer is of uncompromised quality and value. Each badge comes individually packaged in a plastic envelope.

***NATIONAL POLICE WEEK*** 25th Edition of National Peace Officers Memorial Day Badges

*****FEATURES Knight with Thin Blue Line Shield, handcuffs, & survivors escorted by officers at the Memorial Wall ***

The 2019 National Peace Officers Memorial Day Badge marks the 25th edition of the National Police Week commemorative badge
offered by F.O.P. Lodge D.C. #1. National Police Week and National Peace Officers Memorial Day were established by a
Joint Resolution of the 87th Congress of the United States on October 1, 1962 and first observed during the week of May 15, 1963.
This limited-edition badge was commissioned in honor and memory of those members of our Nation’s Thin Blue Line who have made
the Ultimate Sacrifice in the performance of duty. This year’s badge is the 25th edition of National Peace Officers Memorial Day
commemorative badges commissioned and offered since 1995 by F.O.P. Lodge D.C.#1, host lodge for annual Police Week activities in Washington, D.C..
Each year these badges are worn by thousands of law enforcement officers nationally. The 2019 edition was designed and manufactured without
compromise with the intention of marking the 25th Anniversary with the most original, uniquely designed badge of the series. This badge combines
two metal finishes (gold and silver) to feature the Strength Through Unity handcuffs logo and for the first time, features survivors (spouse & child)
depicted within the handcuff links with their escort officers visiting the Memorial Wall and attending the candlelight vigil in exquisite detail.
The survivors are protected by a Blue Knight with a shield and sword. Inscribed on the periphery is "National Peace Officers Memorial Day",
"Strength Through Unity," and "May 15, 2019."ALL badges are numbered, hallmarked "Blackinton" on the reverse, measure 3-1/4” tall x 2.5” wide,
are die struck in solid .102 brass and features five hard fired enamel colors and two metal finishes; pure polished gold, polished rhodium.
The badge is curved and has a heavy-duty safety pin & catch attachment. Made in U.S.A.

V.H. Blackinton has been serving the law enforcement community for over 165 years! Versatility, creativity, and a local commitment to fine craftsmanship
are the values upon which Blackinton has successfully sustained over 163 years of manufacturing excellence in the United States. They began in 1852 under
the leadership of Virgil Blackinton in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts. You can be assured of outstanding craftsmanship, quality and durability with a
Blackinton product.