Metropolitan Police D.C. Handcuffs Challenge Coin

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***IDEAL GIFT*** for Police Academy graduates, Law Enforcement, retirees, and men's gifts.

***GREAT COLLECTIBLE*** This 2 sides Handcuff Challenge Coin with intricate detail is a perfect addition for any collector.

***HIGH QUALITY DURABLE DESIGN*** Only the best materials are used in the crafting of these coins. This coin is forged from
premium base metals for a lasting design.

***EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP*** This unique custom coin exemplifies our determination to ensure that any coin we design, commission
and offer is of uncompromised quality and value. Each coin comes individually packaged in a plastic envelope.

***UNIQUE SHAPE***Not your traditional round challenge coin. Stands out! One of a kind!


This unique-shaped handcuff challenge coin features the MPDC badge and shoulder patch superimposed over the Thin Blue Line logo which bisects a pair of handcuffs,
symbolic of the unity of those who protect the Thin Blue Line. Featuring 3D design (both sides) and three colors of hard enamel this coin
measures 63mm wide (2 1/2") x 36mm tall (1 3/8"). This coin is a favorite every year during National Police Week in
Washington, D.C.. This Police Challenge Coin makes a great gift for Police Officers.